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A book edited by André Torre and Frédéric Wallet. © Edward Elgar Publishing

Regional Development and Proximity Relations

A book edited by André Torre and Frédéric Wallet (UMR Inra Sadapt, AgroParisTech)

Updated on 04/14/2014
Published on 04/07/2014

The notion of proximity is increasing in popularity in economic and geographic literature, and is now commonly used by scholars in regional science and spatial economics. Few academic works, however, have explored the link between regional development and proximity relations. This comprehensive book redresses the balance with its assessment of the role of, and obstacles caused by, proximity relations in regional development processes.

The expert contributors illustrate that the value of integrating proximity into the regional development analysis framework is due its plasticity and ability to draw connections between spatial, economic and social dimensions. Possible changes for regional and territorial policies are also an outcome of this integration.

These areas are addressed via four main paradigms:

  • Proximity and regional development
  • Spatial innovation processes
  • Networks and proximity relations
  • Place-based strategies and proximity relations.
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Science for Action and Development
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Torre A., Wallet F. (Eds), 2014. Regional Development and Proximity Relations. Edward Elgar Publishing, 392 p.