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27 March 2017

Printemps de l'innovation - RRI © RRI

Innovation for sustainable food

Spring of innovation. An event organized by the Research Network on Innovation

By Françoise Maxime
Updated on 02/16/2017
Published on 02/15/2017

New challenges combining food security and sustainability of agricultural activities, bring into debate and competition different ways of producing, exchanging and consuming food. While the industrialization of agriculture and food is largely critized, technological and organizational innovations, including the integration of new technologies, propose a greening of this model. In response, many alternative agricultural and food systems encompassing technical and social innovations drafting a more radical transition to agro-ecology, including in urban areas.

The round-table "Innovation for sustainable food" aims to present the ongoing processes involved in the emergence of more sustainable agricultural and agri-food systems, whether they come from the agroindustrial system or from alternative models.

  • The concept of agro-ecology will be scrutinized. The different innovations models in agricultural practices, including the « Law of the Future for agriculture » in 2014 in France;
  • The theme of sustainable food will be studied through the various innovations (product, process, organizational, social ...) that are initiated in the agri-food sector. Successful experiences will be discussed by the participants, as well as locking factors to transition to sustainable food.

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