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. © INRA, Michel Meuret

Coadaptation between Predators and Humans in their Territories

Updated on 10/09/2017
Published on 07/26/2016

COADAPHT is a network of researchers interested in the processes of coadaptation between livestock predators and humans in their territories. On this webpage, you will find the short presentation of the network as well as its numerous writings, conference slides, audio and video recordings.

Logo du réseau COADAPHT - Réseau de chercheurs sur la coadaptation entre prédateurs et humains dans leurs territoires. © INRA

On June 16 2016, a multi-agencies network of researchers interested in coadaptation processes between livestock predators and humans in their territories was created. By coadaptation, we mean the various adaptation processes of humans, and more particularly their livestock farming activities, in relation to predators (wolves, lynx, bears, etc.), but also those of predators in relation to humans and their various activities (breeding, hunting, tourism, forestry, etc.). Read more

The research products on this webpage are intended to make available to everyone a body of scientific work carried out since 1997. They provide a useful basis for debates about predator management and definitions of public policies trying to minimize conflicts.

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Science for Action and Development